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One Soul

This might be a weird question to ask: but have you ever been bummed out by the fact that you can only experience one lifetime, one time period, in one body, and in one set of circumstances? Sometimes it just … Continue reading

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Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation

One of the side effects of having read A LOT of books in my life is that at this point, very little surprises me. I’m savvy to most plot structures and character archetypes and I can usually tell where a … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading #5

Hello kiddies. Today I’m doing a short update on what I’m reading, mostly because after working a frantic ten hour shift yesterday I had little time to read comics and also, the comic books that I took home are going … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading #1 Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post concerning what I’m reading currently. Check the previous post for the word on what books and graphic novels I tackled this week, plus two comic books reviews. Now, back to where I left … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Deadpool Classic Vol 1

I used to hate Deadpool. Every time I attempted to read one of his books, I stopped two or three pages in because I couldn’t take the stupidity. His books were cartoonish,  seemed to revel in sophmoric humor, and most … Continue reading

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