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Starting a webcomic

After much deliberation and one really weird, headache induced lucid dream, I finally got started on my webcomic idea. I finished one page (gasp! so far along!) and I have ideas for probably five + chapters, plus I’ve done character … Continue reading

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Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation

One of the side effects of having read A LOT of books in my life is that at this point, very little surprises me. I’m savvy to most plot structures and character archetypes and I can usually tell where a … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading #5

Hello kiddies. Today I’m doing a short update on what I’m reading, mostly because after working a frantic ten hour shift yesterday I had little time to read comics and also, the comic books that I took home are going … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Deadpool Classic Vol 1

I used to hate Deadpool. Every time I attempted to read one of his books, I stopped two or three pages in because I couldn’t take the stupidity. His books were cartoonish,  seemed to revel in sophmoric humor, and most … Continue reading

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