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How to get Ready to Write

Sometimes I’m hanging out, probably doing something mindless like playing The Sims or listening to music while I do dishes or something and the urge to write a particular scene sneaks up and propels me to the computer. And then … Continue reading

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Graphic Review: Echo The Complete Series

Everyone once and a while I just get a good feeling about something I know nothing about. That’s how I felt when Terry Moore’s Echo: The Complete Series arrived at our store. I actually waited to check it out and … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading #9

Batman Detective #881: 881 is the wrap-up of Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics, which started off with a story about a dead killer whale in a bank lobby (which I thought was brilliantly bizarre) and got better from there. … Continue reading

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Mini Update

Just a little update to say that I’ll probably be changing up the format here again and dropping all comic related content, not because I hate comic books, but because in a little while I won’t have access to reading … Continue reading

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Frustration Bomb

I need some help. Besides this blog and some short stories and some very half assed editing, I haven’t written anything for a year. Actually, longer than a year because I finished my novel last year on my birthday, which … Continue reading

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Short Story Idea

Today I wanted to share how I “outline” for a short story. Honestly, I’m not much of an outliner at all. Once I conceive a story idea, I just play through different scenarios in my head until I’m satisfied. Then … Continue reading

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The Artwork that Inspired my Book

This is a companion post to the one I posted two or three days ago where I discussed the things that influenced my writing while working on my novel. Now I’m going to post some of the photos and art … Continue reading

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