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Rough Character Sketches

Hey, it’s a page of roughed out ideas for how my characters for Year of the Rabbit are going to look. Yay! It’s funny, I spent about an hour on this and I could feel myself improving just in that … Continue reading

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Starting a webcomic

After much deliberation and one really weird, headache induced lucid dream, I finally got started on my webcomic idea. I finished one page (gasp! so far along!) and I have ideas for probably five + chapters, plus I’ve done character … Continue reading

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Picture Inspiration for Novelists #2

When I was in a high school creative writing course, one of our assignments was to create a story from a photo cut out of a magazine, handed to us at random by our teacher. I think that it’s a … Continue reading

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Judging a Book By It’s Cover

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, and all that glitters isn’t gold, and all of those cliches but it’s hard not to get excited when the shelves are lined with books that look like … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Triple Threat

I’m sure most of you writers out there have other creative outlets besides the written word. Creativity usually isn’t limited to one talent, it kind of gushes out into every aspect of your life. I’ve had various hobbies fueled by … Continue reading

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