Rough Character Sketches

Hey, it’s a page of roughed out ideas for how my characters for Year of the Rabbit are going to look. Yay!

It’s funny, I spent about an hour on this and I could feel myself improving just in that miniscule amount of time. Drawing became easier and things just started looking more satisfactory. My hand movements just started to feel right to me and shapes like noses and eyes were coming out they way I have them in my head. I hate when my hand isn’t moving the right way, or when it gets all spazzy, or when things are just really clunky and off. I’m not saying what’s up there is a work of brilliance. It’s clearly not. But I feel like I’m starting to stumble into the right style for this comic.

I have this thing where before I even start drawing I imagine it going poorly. I see myself drawing little kid crayon hieroglyphics and sobbing because I’ll never be able to draw well enough to get this story on the page and I get discouraged and don’t even try. But today I got a random burst of inspiration for a character and I had to give it a shot. After a few bad starts, I finally go into a groove. I’m actually reasonably pleased with what I came up with.

I’ve got some scripts written up for the first chapter. I’m not sure how much I should write before I start drawing pages. I don’t want to draw a bunch of stuff and realize I have to change it.  Still, this is fun for me because it’s something I’ve never done before. It’s like making my own movie– casting, costuming, writing, directing, story boarding etc.

So yeah, it’s neat.


About apricotteacup

My name is Meghan and I like to draw pictures and write words. My other hobbies are taking people's food, napping, playing video games, and drinking coffee excessively. I will read almost anything-- preferably YA books and comics, but I will stoop to reading the crappy recipes on the backs of food boxes and Pottery Barn catalogs in jam.
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