Another Web Comic Idea

I guess I haven’t quite settled on an idea for the web comic thing. Here’s something else I drew for what would be a different series entirely. Again, it’s an idea I’ve had for a while with a fair amount of pre-writing done.

The biggest thing I miss about writing my old novel (a snapshot of which can be viewed under the “Check Out My Novel” tab) is having one set idea to focus all my energy on. I feel really aimless without a definite project. I like to be long term committed to what I’m working on.

Anyway, Year of the Rabbit would be a three part story. YotR would be followed by Year of the Dragon and Year of the Snake. It’s more of a viking/fantasy type of thing involving totems or spirit animals. Protagonist in little girl form is shown.

I’m still trying to find a drawing style that looks nice but is easy to maintain. I can’t produce something overly complex for a sustained period. I can sometimes draw things that are above my level of drawing, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort/erasing/touch ups. AKA I can’t do it all the time. And as I’ve said, while I enjoy drawing, I hardly ever do it and I get easily frustrated.  I prefer writing because I put in the effort to learn to do it a lot time ago, so it’s way more effortless and I tend to be happy with what I produce. Not so with drawing.

Anyway, I noticed I had a few more hits than normal on my last web comic post so I thought I’d do more.  (I mean A FEW. Like 3. But that’s a big deal for my 25 hits a day blog). I like having an audience, even a small one.  So if you’re reading this now, THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY STRANGER!


About apricotteacup

My name is Meghan and I like to draw pictures and write words. My other hobbies are taking people's food, napping, playing video games, and drinking coffee excessively. I will read almost anything-- preferably YA books and comics, but I will stoop to reading the crappy recipes on the backs of food boxes and Pottery Barn catalogs in jam.
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