Starting a webcomic

After much deliberation and one really weird, headache induced lucid dream, I finally got started on my webcomic idea. I finished one page (gasp! so far along!) and I have ideas for probably five + chapters, plus I’ve done character bios and a lot of pre-writing. I don’t think the story is going to pan out exactly as I originally thought, but that’s the fun of writing something episodic.

So far, I completely revamped my protagonist after I fell in love with a random doodle I did at work. Then, after two days of an unrelenting heinous headache, I was laying in bed with all the lights out (trying to rest my blistered synapses) and my brain sort of played a little mini movie for how the first chapter should play out. It was not at ALL what I had been thinking of doing, but I was filled with such woozy confidence in myself during this headache dream, that I decided to go with it. Sometimes I have to get sick and delusional in order to believe in my dreams. Hurray!

Riding on that current of self assurance, I sketched and colored the very first page. It took me way too long and I’m not satisfied with it, art-wise, but if I wait to do this until I’m a good artist, it will NEVER happen. I just don’t practice enough. Hopefully doing this will force me to improve. Or at least be able to produce the same level of art consistently. I’m really trying not to batter my fragile sense of self confidence in my art here. I’m not demanding perfection, or even A level drawings. I just want to keep making pages, and if they look bad– oh well.

I’ve heard (and agree with) this advice given to those who want to start a webcomic: Don’t post anything until you have at least twenty pages or a chapter. That way people have something to look at and judge. You should also have a buffer of finished pages in case you end up falling behind when you begin posting. So I won’t have anything up anytime soon. I would hope that I can have something to show in a month from now (at the earliest). More realistically, it will be two months. It took me two days to find the time to draw and color my first page.

But just to get the word out: The comic is called Starlight and it’s a space opera like I said I was going to do. Here’s a small sample of what to expect:

Hope I have more to report soon!

ETA: I’m aware of the typo. Grrrr.


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My name is Meghan and I like to draw pictures and write words. My other hobbies are taking people's food, napping, playing video games, and drinking coffee excessively. I will read almost anything-- preferably YA books and comics, but I will stoop to reading the crappy recipes on the backs of food boxes and Pottery Barn catalogs in jam.
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